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Wage Hope My Way | Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

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One Dollar Difference | ALS Association

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Team Fox | Michael J. Fox Foundation

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Seattle Brain Cancer Walk | Swedish Medical Center

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WSCFF Burn Foundation | Washington State Council of Firefighters

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how you can help

We ask that all of our supporters donate directly to the causes themselves. You can choose to donate to any (or all) of the charities-- whatever you prefer. You can show your support by clicking one of the donation links for our causes below. Feel free to donate whatever amount you choose. Here are some of our suggested donation options:


We are biking a total of (approximately) 3,200 miles. This creative option would allow you to donate one cent for every mile we bike. In all, it would be a $32 donation.


Our trip is expected to take about 50 days total. We have 46 days of cycling planned, but know we will need a few rest days, as well. With this option, you would be donating one dollar per day, which totals $50.


We plan to highlight sponsors on our website and social media. In order to attain this level of sponsorship, we ask that you donate $100 to the cause of your choice. You may choose a date to "donate" to in support of a loved one, in memory of someone you may have lost, or just because you're supporting our cause. In order to find a list of available dates, please check our calendar here. You may request a date using the form directly to the left.


If you do not feel comfortable donating through any of these online options, please feel free to mail a check (payable to the charity of your choice) to:

Port of Seattle Fire Department

C/O Stephanie McGinnis

2400 S. 170th Street

Seattle, WA, 98158