Winds, sun and winds to Billings, MT

We battled the winds and we are still standing (or peddling) in Billings, MT.  We rode today for Michele's "Witty, lovely friend Mary Ann who passed away from cancer in June".  She had us post a picture of Australia and I can only surmise she had an exploring soul like ours!  Michele donated to the WSCFF Burn Foundation to show her support.  Thank you Michele and miss you guys!

Yesterday we biked 80+ miles with amazing weather, today we biked 47 and got beat up once again with the winds.  We are very apprehensive about tomorrow.  We have 82 miles to Big Timber with head winds, rain, mid 50's followed by snow.  Expecting 1-3 inches by Tuesday morning.  We are shooting for Big Timber but have an escape plan for Columbus at about 42 miles.  We truly expect to have to take cover for another day as Tuesday is more of the same and we will be in the clouds.  It is disheartening to know that we are getting so close to home and yet having to take it slower now.  The winds were so bad today that Merrick asked me along the way, "If someone offered you a ride would you take it?" I immediately said-NO!  My peddles were still going forward, I was dry, warm and the semi's seemed to be giving us room.  There were times though that they were blowing us sideways.  Keep us in your prayers and thanks for your support!