Boston to Seattle-2016 Because Some Can't

Wow!  What a Ride!

We want to start off by saying thanks to all of you!  For supporting us by donating to one of our 5 charities, for following our journey, for sharing it with your friends and family, but most of all for your prayers!

We started our journey 52 days ago.  We rode 3241 miles and climbed 99,550 ft.  We took one rest day and were forced to hitchhike out of a snowstorm the other day off.  That day, thanks to Hunter Tom, we covered 140 miles out of the snow.  We met an infinite number of supporters, from the honk and wave on the interstate, to the motel and hotel owners that went out of their way to accommodate us, to the people who approached us on the streets. Our fellow firefighter brothers and sisters across the country showed us why we truly have the best job in the world!

We reached our home last night and slept in our own beds.  We spent the evening with our family and close friends and satisfied my mother that we were indeed still alive, unharmed and home safe.  
We completed our Boston to Seattle journey with a final bike ride into Seattle this morning.  Our fire department families and other supporters were there to cheer us on as we arrived.  There are no words to explain how we felt at that moment when everyone erupted into applause and filled in the bike trail to welcome us home.  Truly a dream.  Merrick and I are some what in awe of the response we have had across the country.  Our greatest hope is that we inspired you to set a goal, step outside the box, experience something new or get involved with a charity that is dear to your heart.  

We are still trying to process what we have just accomplished and tomorrow will feel very strange to be able to enjoy our coffee and read the newspaper without rushing out the door.  The mail to sort is 2 feet tall and the weeds and leaves in the yard-almost as high.  We have family and a puppy (she's 11) to spend time with and a new grandson to go visit next week.  We are by no means done with this blog or our fundraising efforts for Because Some Cant, but we are going to take a day or two to regroup and then we will be back with more thoughts.

Today we rode supported by the WiFi's!  Thank you for keeping an eye on the family and for your support!