Rained out from Leavenworth to Skykomish.

Hello, its us again.  We tried so hard to make it to Monroe, WA for an easier day tomorrow but the rain would not let us.  We biked 51 miles in the pouring rain, up over Stevens Pass.  Thankfully the lodge at the top had a coffee stand open and we changed our soaking wet clothes, bought hand warmers-they really don't get that warm when you can't feel your fingers-and then proceeded to put on every piece of dry clothing we had for the descent into Skykomish.  It's just going to make tomorrow a longer day but the rains look a bit lighter.  We have biked this way many, many times with an organized ride and have never seen the rivers rushing like they are now.  There are waterfalls coming off of rocks where there shouldn't be waterfalls.  A DOT worker stopped us as we were leaving out of Leavenworth this morning and cautioned us for rock slides.  He said, "the canyon is moving!"  Said a couple more prayers after that!  Carrie Schirado (POSFD firefighter and mini me) sent us a text telling us to be careful, because I guess it's flooding everywhere.  Once again we are so close, but so far away.  We've had the hot days, and the snow days, the strong wind days and now today we have had the rain day!  Guess we must be almost done, right?

Today we rode with the support of the Washington State Council of Firefighters-seeing us home!  Thank you so much for your support!

Once again, the finish line is at the Statue of Liberty on Alki Beach-West Seattle-on Saturday at 10:30.  We would love to see you if you are in the area.