Close to home from Waterville to Leavenworth

We are so close!!  We had an amazing day with weather and views and are feeling the energy from everyone as we get closer to home.  Checked in with my mom, Joy, today and she is happy we are within a call for help away now.  Not like being in South Dakota and calling for help!  I have to tell you all that tomorrow is not looking like the weather is our friend.  We are hoping to climb up over Stevens Pass and then onto Monroe, WA.  Total of about 85 miles.  If the weather is really bad after the pass we have a few options to stop.  Anyone that knows this area knows that hwy 2 is not the safest by far and we need to keep that in mind in our decision to bike further or not.

We left Waterville this morning after having a very nice visit with Dave, Mike, Dave and Bernie at the Waterville Historic Hotel.  If you are ever in the area we highly recommend the hotel.  Amazing!   

We found out yesterday that our POSFD brother Alvin Vaughn's father had passed away.  Alvin is one of my firefighters that is battling Pancreatic cancer.  His mother passed away this year and now the news of his father.  We decided to bike today for Alvin and his family.  Please pray for them today.

We also have the support of the Washington State Council of Firefighters Foundation supporting us for the rest of our journey home.  Thank you so much for your support! 

Today I took the best picture ever!  The photo of the mountain in the lake!

For anyone in the area-it looks like there is a welcome home party at the Statue of Liberty on Alki Beach on Saturday at 1030.  That will be our finish line of Boston to Seattle.