The hills, cold, rain, views and did we say hills-Wilbur to Waterville, WA

From Wilbur to Waterville, WA.  It was that challenging kind of day.  We started out with light rain so all the clothes were on.  Then we climbed a bit and some of the clothes came off. Then some more on and then a big climb and lots came off.  We did that on and off all day!  2 big climbs of over 1,000 ft  in a couple of miles followed by downhills=more clothes back on.  And just when we thought we were safe, the rolling hills mixed with a bit of sunshine and lots of wind got to us.  72 miles with 2900 ft of elevation, Oh my!  A few days ago I contacted the Waterville Historic Hotel-literally the only place to stay for 60 miles-trying to find out what our options were for a place to stay.  He said he had 1 deluxe suite available but we didn't want to reserve it because we didn't know if we would make it to Wilbur the day before.  He said he has so many cancellations from bicyclist that don't make it from Wilbur to Waterville-because of the winds and climbs-so he advised us not to put down cc info.  I knew that we had no other options and with the hunters taking up all the rooms around here, I got started to worry.  He told me that if we made it into town he would have a room for us...We called him yesterday from Wilbur and booked the suite!  Made it here today and it is wonderful.  If you ever need a place to stay in Waterville, WA check out the Waterville Historic Hotel.  We each have our own room 😎 

Today we had amazing views of the glacial canyons, Banks Lake and Coulee City.  We also spotted a red fox running in the fields.  

We want to thank the WSCFF for their support of the Burn Foundation and us as we journey towards home.

We rode today for Rhea-the Wesson family and friends contributed to Team Fox- "Contributing toward finding a betterment for those stricken with Parkinson's.  We love you Rhea!  Cheers to Stephanie and Merrick for calling attention to important causes!"