Spokane to Wilbur, WA

Good evening from Wilbur, WA, about 200'ish miles from home!  Today we rode for Marshall McGinnis (my dad) and our union supporters Spokane Firefighters Local 29.  Many thanks to Michele Callicoat and Spokane Firefighters Local 29 for sponsoring our ride today :)

The current totals for mileage and elevation gain are as follows:  2972.2 miles ridden and 89,050 feet cumulative elevation gain.

We left Spokane, WA in semi-overcast/sun conditions in the low 40's.  The forecast for today was 15-20 mph SW winds( a semi-headwind for us) with occasional gusts up to 40 mph.  Upon leaving Spokane, the winds were mild--more to follow on that.  We said goodbye to cycling on I-90 and hello to Hwy 2 across central Washington.

Cycling into 20 mph winds is challenging.  Our usual comfortable pace is anywhere in the 13-20 mph range, except for climbing.  Today was pretty flat and our average pace was around 9-10 mph.  It's head down, riding into the wind.  The scenery was rolling plains of rock, scrub, harvested farmlands.  It certainly has its own beauty.  The mountains we will climb soon loom in the distance.  At about mile 45 (total for today was 65) the winds slowed down and shifted to due south, so they were less of an issue.  This made the final 20 miles much more enjoyable and fast.  The forecast for the next few days shows the wind dying down--a very welcome thing!!  Dinner in town was calzones and salad from Dozie's Diner, really the only food venue open.  Pizza is just about the perfect after-ride food!!

I hope you got to do something fun today because we sure did.  Even a tough ride is still fun and rewarding. Take care of yourself and thanks for following along in our journey.

Stephanie always picks the most amazing hotels/motels!  See video for last nights venue in Spokane.  A cute little Airbnb/hotel in downtown Spokane next to the rail line.